Three Features To Improve Your Shopify Website

Katherine McInnes
4 min readApr 27

Shopify has become a top choice among ecommerce merchants; in large part due to the high level of customization available paired with an easy UI. The choices available to Shopify merchants make it an attractive platform for businesses of all sizes. But while it is easy to sign up and go, the most successful businesses on Shopify are those who take advantage of the many features and partners available.

Let’s look at three ways Shopify merchants can improve their website using features available right now.

Backend Optimization

Shopify rolled out commerce components in early 2023, allowing brands to more easily integrate their Shopify sites with other key technologies. Component categories include storefront, compliance, core commerce, shipping and logistics, omnichannel, and cart and checkout.

Leveraging components means there are no limits on the number of API connections made to the site. By opening the door for additional API connections, merchants are able to process a higher number of transactions, choose their payment vendor of choice, and increase the number of product variants available on their site.

Targeted Acquisition

With the quickly evolving privacy and advertising landscape giving many brands headaches, the opportunity to leverage specific customer segments is one to jump at. Merchants on Shopify Plus have free access to Shopify Audiences, which generates lists of US buyers likely to purchase from your store, to then be used on digital advertising platforms.

Audiences are available across categories, and brands leveraging this offering have seen great success since Shopify launched the service. Fitness brand BlenderBottle saw a 600% return on ad spend when using Audiences, while furniture brand, Nathan James, attracted 500 new customers from their Audience campaign.

Front End Experience

The first priority for many ecommerce brands is creating a visually appealing and highly functional web experience for their customers. 80% of buyers say the experience is as important as the product when making a purchase online, and in today’s competitive market, a poor experience is sure to cost business customers and their dollars.

Shopify offers many templates specifically designed for a smooth ecommerce experience, but savvy brands have learned…

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