5 3D Visual Configuration Stats You Should Know

Katherine McInnes
3 min readApr 10

“Phygital” is on the rise, with major brands, publications, and industry commentators increasingly focused on how immersive technologies such as 3D, AR, and VR will be integrated into commerce. It may be tempting to see the buzz as hype that will fade within months, as has been seen with many emerging technologies, and has even been the case for augmented reality in the past. However, there is evidence to say it is 3D and augmented reality’s time to shine, with consumers demanding improved experiences and brands seeing significant returns on investment.

Visual configuration is among the hot topic tools in today’s commerce landscape; it may also be known as 3D product configuration or grouped with product visualization and augmented reality for ecommerce. All of these tools fall under the umbrella of visual commerce, which encompasses tools enabling the use of high fidelity imagery to encourage or facilitate a purchase.

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What is 3D product configuration?

3D Configuration is an immersive experience that allows shoppers to select specific colors, textures, features, and add ons and view them on their desired product. Like product visualizers, 3D product configurators allow users to experience products in an interactive 360° environment.

How are brands using 3D Product Configurators?

3D product configuration empowers buyers to interact with and evaluate products in ways ecommerce often doesn’t deliver on. High fidelity digital twins bring products to life online, delivering a personalized shopping experience to the buyer and increasing consumer confidence in making a purchase.

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3D Product Configurators for eCommerce: 5 Stats to Know

77% of buyers prefer to view product variations in 3D/AR

High fidelity 3D models bring products to life online, while AR allows buyers to view products in their own space to gauge scale and appearance. 3D experiences increase consumer confidence in…

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